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Infants and Toddler Program @ Launch Pad Learning in Long Beach

6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

At Launch Pad Learning, we use a curriculum designed specifically for inclusion for infants and toddlers called Learn Every Day™, The Program for Infants and Toddlers. We want our teachers and caregivers to maximize their time with children not trying to plan for the next day. We encourage each caregiver to become intimately familiar with each child in order that they may encourage each child to participate in activities, on their own schedule, at their own pace.

Our infant and toddler spaces are designed with each age groups’ unique needs in mind, while keeping the space comfortable yet stimulating. We understand a very young child’s need for a non-threatening environment in which to grow and thrive and provide separate spaces for young infants, mobile infants, and toddlers. It is also important to provide varied activities to promote well-rounded development in each child. Our interactions are low-key and gentle to provide for a child’s need for security through knowledge that their basic needs will be met in a timely and consistent manner. We provide ample opportunity for language development through personal interactions, reading books, and music. And, throughout each day, children have many opportunities to develop their large muscles, in preparation of walking and, later, running, jumping, etc. as they develop social skills by interacting with others.

In addition to providing an amazing environment for children, we also work with parents for the benefit of the children. In normal times, we encourage parent volunteering, and we schedule parent education workshops to help parents learn more about their role in their child’s life. We ask parents to participate in our Parent Action Committee that functions as a liaison between parents and childcare staff and helps inform management of needed changes, wants, and desires. We give and get daily communications through Procare Engage which allows us the opportunity to send notes, pictures, and videos to parents and parents can text their child’s teacher directly with questions and concerns. Finally, we host parent conferences two times per year and accommodate any additional requests for a conference whenever they come up.

Because a teacher or caregiver is an important example and mentor for children, we partner with staff to ensure continuing quality instruction in every classroom. We encourage teacher’s participation in LA County’s Quality Start LA which provides ongoing support and training for every teacher. All of our staff are CPR-First Aid certified and we provide employees medical benefits. We meet with staff on a yearly basis to set goals to ensure that they will get their 105 hours of continuing education to renew their CD Permits every 5 years. Finally, we encourage two-way communication with management through use of iPads that have messaging software installed (Slack), monthly Staff meetings, and twice-yearly Staff In-Service days.

It is our fervent goal that all the children who attend our program experience and learn the core values of honesty, respect of all persons, and the value of every person’s worth, while we provide them with the basic foundational developmental opportunities, both academically and socio-emotionally, they will need to succeed throughout their whole lives.

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Long Beach
6951 Obispo Avenue Long Beach, CA 90805
M-F: 06:00 am - 08:00 pm
4141 W. El Segundo Blvd. Hawthorne, CA 90250
M-F: 06:00 am - 06:00 pm